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The routes displayed below are popular core routes for road rides in the area. Each one offers options for add-on miles and climbs for more adventure and elevation. Click on the route map to open the route in Ride With GPS, where you have the option of downloading the route file to your own device.


A ride around and across the Oahe Dam is a local favorite. At each corner of the dam you have the option of going farther out on Highways 1804 and 1806. The highways around the dam are well maintained, with wide shoulders and no rumble strips. Traffic is consistently moderate, with boat trailer traffic common on the weekend.


This out-and-back route on Highway 34 is mostly flat and takes you to the pair of bridges at Medicine Knoll Creek. The shoulder is decent. Traffic is heavy near town, but is otherwise moderate. You can get out as far as the Farm Island Recreation Area entrance by a paved bike path on the south side of the highway.


A fun scenic route with the possibility of seeing a bison herd. Traffic is light once you get onto Highway 1806 south of Fort Pierre, but the small shoulder is mostly consumed by rumble strip. The first 4 miles of Highway 1806 is uphill. The natural turnaround is at the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe's buffalo interpretive center (now closed), where the herd can be seen grazing sometimes. Go out farther on 1806 to find challenging climbs.

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