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The Lewis & Clark recreational trail is a flat 14-mile mixed surface trail that runs along the shore of Lake Sharpe connecting Farm Island Recreation Area at its southeast tip to the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area at its northern tip by the Oahe Dam. Other in-town bike path routes include Hilger's Gulch and Capitol Lake in Pierre and Fischer's Lilly Park in Fort Pierre.

Singletrack mountain biking includes the long-established LaFramboise Island Nature Area trails and the new trails at the West Shore Recreation Area near the Oahe Dam. Trailforks maps of those trails are shown below.


The West Shore MTB trails are generally intermediate level, but not technical. Trail treads are 18" wide and settling in with continued use. The trails include short punchy climbs that are challenging. The trails can be used in any direction, with multiple connecting points to create loops of rider choice. Rattlesnakes are common to the area, so be alert when using the trail.


The trails on the LaFramboise Island Nature Area are a mix of singletrack, dirt road and mowed path. The singletrack treads were laid in long before 29" wheels and wide bars were even a gleam in someone's eye, so expect tight turns and narrow gaps. Downed trees are common, so be alert when riding.


Trails are located in the Farm Island Recreation Area, managed by the SD Dept. of Game, Fish & Parks. The trails are multi-use recreational trails that are wide, mostly flat, and either gravel/aggregate or asphalt surface that makes them suitable for novice riders. A state park permit is required for vehicles entering the state recreation area.

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